katya kovalenko

Sales Presentation


Gear up for your next sales meeting with a powerful sales deck and close deals like a pro.

🚀 Crafted to Convert. Together we’ll polish your content, ensuring that your message is crystal clear, succinct, and perfectly tailored to resonate with your target audience.

🍑 Seduce with Data. For slides heavy on data, I’ll transform complex numbers and statistics into easily understandable charts and graphs, making it simpler and more digestible for your audience.

😍 Show your best angle. I’ll make sure your product, whether it is digital or physical, is represented in the best possible way through carefully crafted mockups and scenes.

🎨 Choose a Format. You will have full control over your presentation and will be able to edit any part of it at any moment. From PowerPoint and Google Slides to Keynote and even Figma, you choose.

Add some Magic. We can incorporate subtle animations and transitions to sustain your audience’s interest, ensuring that your presentation flows smoothly from one point to another.

💬 Open a conversation. Nobody likes to be sold to, but everybody likes to buy. With the right closing you can turn your presentation into a conversation and make a real connection to your prospect clients.

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