katya kovalenko

project info

OpenFortune is a media platform that connects brands to consumers at scale – via fortune cookies. They took all the traditional fortune cookies that we all know and love and gave brands the chance to improve the overall fortune cookie experience. It’s simple, fortune on the front, brand on the back. Their fortune cookies land in the hands of up to 135M consumers every month, distributed to over 50,000 restaurants and delivery platforms across the US. They reached out to me to help them build and design an outstanding Sales Presentation. 
The presentation has a total of 20 slides and features custom illustrations, AI generated videos and images, data visualization, and some custom motion graphics. The final result is an eye-catching, highly engaging sales presentation that narrates the brand’s story slide by slide.

client’s feedback

Been following Katya’s work for about 4 years now and knew that she was the perfect person for this task. Her communication was on point and it was really easy to work with her. I had some concerns as she were based in the EU but she overdelivered throughout the whole process. Katya is someone I absolutely use in the future.
David Jaffin
Director of Content