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Brand Guidelines


Whether you’re an established company looking to refine an existing visual identity or an early-stage startup that needs to create one from scratch, I’ve got you covered.

For those who already have a defined brand identity, my service involves a comprehensive analysis and refinement process. I’ll evaluate your current visual elements and strategically enhance them to create a cohesive and impactful narrative.

Alternatively, if you’re at the beginning stages of creating a brand, I can help you develop a fresh, engaging identity that aligns seamlessly with your vision and your target audience.

At the end you’ll get a comprehensive Brand Manual that will include essential elements such as tone of voice, color palette, typography guidelines, logo applications, UI kit, image treatment, and so on. Armed with this manual, you’ll have a powerful tool for future successful collaboration with design teams and agencies, ensuring the consistent and effective communication of your brand.

🎙 Tone of Voice and Brand Personality. Consistency in communication is key. Together we define your brand’s tone of voice, providing clear instructions on how to speak to your audience effectively – whether it’s friendly, professional, or somewhere in between.

😍 Logo Usage and Variations. Your logo is your brand’s most recognizable asset. I’ll create a set of rules defining how it should be used, specifying size, placement, and acceptable variations to maintain its integrity.

🎨 Design Elements. From color palette and typography to icons and graphics, I’ll establish guidelines for all design elements that make your brand distinct. This ensures that these elements remain cohesive and in harmony with your overall brand aesthetic.

💻 UI Kit. I’ll develop a branded UI Kit for the digital applications of your brand, such as websites or apps. This would include digital color palette, fonts, as well as the style of buttons, forms, icons and even layout suggestions, giving your team a practical reference point for future applications.

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